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Minimal sculptures are something that leave the mind wondering and sometimes filling out the blanks.

Daniel Arsham’s ‘Broken Figure’ is a sculpture that had me taking multiple looks.

–   D a n i e l   A r s h a m   –   ‘ B r o k e n   F i g u r e ‘   –


The sculpture is formed from natural elements, volcanic ash, hydrostone and selenite. The pieces were individually made and then later attached to a solid washed wall. The illusion fuses the parts together to create this devastated women.

The fragments are high detailed and gorgeously sculpted. The open cavities throughout each whole piece showcase the desperate hurt the victim has endured. Almost a tango between a man made and natural disaster. The limbs ripped from the torso could suggest a grenade impact, from a war. But the crystal and ash almost remind me of the Pompeii victims from the volcanic eruption. I’m almost torn to which disaster this sculpture could be presenting.

All I know from looking at the sculpture is the lady processes a subtle grace, even in her fragmented state. Her wounds and lacerations show such harshness. Such severity. But the crystal dim that impact but alluding us with this fantasy benevolence. Take the eyes of the sculpture, such sadness and haunting loss. But the shards of crystal show this clarity and acceptance, like she has accepted her fate.

You also need to know that crystals have, for a long time, been used for their magical properties. Each type holds this organic, natural and earthen power. It’s believe that crystals are the rawest form of magic, bringing good luck, clarity, comfort to those in need. That being said, the fact this distorted figure represents catastrophe, it also radiates this clarity and light.













To see more of Daniel’s work check out his website – Daniel Arsham

Images (c) to Daniel Arsham



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