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This morning whilst I was at work, I managed to gaze upon a beautiful sight. The sunrise was quite atmospheric, a rather dreamlike hue of pink and blue was awash over the sky. And the morning frost glistened like crystal shards. I’m usually faced with sideways rain and grey darkness, so this was a nice treat. The frosty landscape had me thinking of an artist, an architect to be exact, who’s work has notably crisp and minimal details. His name is Peter Guthrie.

–   P e t e r   G u t h r i e   –

One of his many projects listed was one called ‘Twins‘, a geometric set of twin houses located in Upstate New York.

–   T w i n s   –











The set of houses are connected through an underground network of water pipes. The buildings were created for two brothers and face one another. They are consisted from different shapes, bringing forth that minimal and clean aesthetic.

I love the location created for the ‘Twins’. They sit effortlessly against the still white surroundings. Peter Guthrie uploaded a blog post in regards to the technicalities behind this project. I’ll admit when I first came across the pictures, I believed that they were real. It wasnt after I read through his post on the ‘Twins’, that I understood how he created this.

For more of Peter’s work check out his website – Peter Guthrie

Images are (c) to Peter Guthrie

Thanks for checking out this post. Makes me feel grateful I can enjoy viewing this winter solace from my warm bedroom with a cup of tea!










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