[Artist To Watch] – Rosa De Jong – Vertical Micro Sculptures

A warm evening to you readers. I hope you enjoyed my previous post. I had some amazing responses to it, so thank you!!

It has been such a nice day today that I wanted to share an artist who’s work is just, simply delightful. I’ve been listening to Yuna most of the day, the sun has been out and the sky was blue. So it was a lovely day off before I head back to work tomorrow.

Rosa De Jong is an artist from Amsterdam. Specifically, an art director and designer. Her ongoing project titled ‘Micro Matter’ is minimally exact and extraordinary.

Her work features vertical sculpture in glass tubes. For those who enjoy the minimalists of the art world, Rosa is definitely one to watch. You’ll be ordering her works for yourself after reading this post.

–   R o s a   D e   J o n g   –   M i c r o   M a t t e r   –


Rosa pieces her little micro worlds using ordinary materials you can find around the house. Her little buildings are a mixture of cardboard and naturally found objects. The details added are scored out of the card and delicately put together.


She has managed to create these huge environments in such a limited vertical space. Her work is very pleasing to look out, the more you do, the more you see. The time and detail in her pieces are worth appreciating greatly.





My favourite of her work is her modern concrete metropolis with the overgrown foliage around it. (Pictured below)

Each piece, is a surreal floating island. Capturing beautifully the essence of fantasy, whilst creating solid and believable micro environments.


I’m also very persuaded by her water tower piece too, very sweet! The thing I really like about Rosa’s work is she keeps it simple. Not only is she tasked with such a fragile amount of design space. The space she does have she invests in, keeping her sculptures as minimal as she can, without losing the details. Also aware not to overcrowd the worlds too, she has the perfect balance for her work.


Rosa says: “The most important thing for me is that by the end of a project, everyone is happy. I want to make things people want to look at, not something they’re forced to look at.”









Power lines


I think this is a nice perspective in terms of how we should be viewing art in general. Art is and will always be, subjective to each individual. But having a piece of art draw you in, shows us the power of creativity and design.


Check out Rosa’s website to see more of her work. I love this project she is working on and I’m so tempted to order one for my very future London apartment!

If you are interested in ordering with Rosa, enquire with her for pricing and details at hello@byrosa.nl. Her prices start at about 120 Euros.

Also check out the projects ongoing gallery on Rosa’s Instagram. I’ll meet you all there!!

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