[Lifestyle News] – All Black Shopping Haul From ASOS/Topman

Hello hello, it has been a little while since my last post. My internet isn’t the strongest where I’m living back in the countryside so often it cuts out. It does make blogging a struggle at times.

It has been raining sideways all day, the wind is lapping against the trees and I thought a perfect time to listen to my Jazz CD’s. It’s definitely perfect timing to play some Ella Fitzgerald. Some smooth tunes to write the afternoon away.

–   T o p m a n   –

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Well today I wanted to share some items I ordered from Topman & ASOS. I was looking at my current OOTD posts and took to some more monochrome pieces. Predominantly I was after some new black jeans, a pair that are black black and not grey black. But I decided to branch out for some other items that could be both enjoyed and beneficial for my blog.

The black dungarees above (in a large) I’ve wanted for ages, especially for my holiday to Corfu in June. I’d been searching for years for a pair of menswear dungarees and I got these on sale at Topman for £26.00 and in black. Sadly the only sizes available were large and extra large and I managed to grab the last large size on the website!

I thought a large size would give me some options for oversize outfits.

–   U n b o x i n g   F r o m   A S O S   –

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Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

As I said above I’m pleased with sticking to just monochrome pieces for my purchase. In total I ordered two pairs of footwear, two pairs of pants, a shirt, a watch and two pieces of jewellery. All in all a great little collection.

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The ASOS shirt I ordered has a leather style textured feel and look to it. Perfect for a night out or to be dressed into an all black look. I’ll get one created in the future to show you guys.

For such a nice design I was expecting it to cost a fair amount but I paid £22.00

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Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Two different sets of rings. The Icon Brand Lighter Ring was more of an impulse buy, I was thinking I could try find a look that compliments it. This quirky purchase was £10.00.

I really like the set of three rings. The minimal ASOS Ditsy Geo Ring Pack rings came into a set of different colours. One gold, one silver and black. The option to wear them with other rings is a possibility too because they are simple enough. I paid £5.00 for this set.

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Now every blogger, male and female has a pair of Nike Air Max black and white trainers. Sadly I cant seem to find a pair for my freakishly large feet, so I had to opt for a different brand. I went for the K-Swiss Hypercourt Trainers In Black. Thankfully without breaking the bank, I got these for a happy £45.00 in total.

As I’ve mentioned above I wanted more variety in my wardbrobe and especially for my footwear. Ideally, a couple pairs of trainers in monochrome colour, boots in black, school boy style loafers again in black and so on. An arsenal of shoes allows me some options come a day of shooting an OOTD.

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These ASOS Skinny Crop Smart Trousers In Neoprene are a good sale purchase. The neoprene too is anti-crease, obviously not entirely but more so than a standard material. This will be a fun challenge to create both casual and smart outfits. The amount I paid for these was just £15.00 down from £30.00 which I thought was a smart buy!

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This is the ASOS Watch In Monochrome. I follow this ASOS stylist on Instagram called James. He posted a twitter picture some while back of a monochrome watch on ASOS for £80.00. I did bookmark the page or screenshot the post and for the life of me cannot find it. Thankfully this watch here was exactly the minimalistic style and palette I wanted. It also only cost me £22.00 and since I’ve been wearing it, I’ve had a fair amount of compliments for it.

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I also had an unusual moment in regards to this photo above. During my day of last, I wanted to take a snap of my new watch. I was just sitting in my room in my Adidas lounge-wear, I’m pretty sure Desperate Housewives was on. (I’ve come to except that I am Susan from this series, right down to the awkward moments and clumsiness). My hair was sticking up everywhere because I’d not long awoken. Not a glamorous sight!

So I snapped this picture there and then. But then after I’d posted it onto my Instagram and tagged ASOS in the photo, to show where I had bought the item from, the weirdest thing happened.

@ASOS_Menswear on Instagram re-posted my quick snap on their account and I was bombarded with all these, likes, new followers and questions about the product. It was a really nice out of the blue moment, I was at work whilst my phone kept making notification noises in my pocket. Thinking to myself, what’s going on and why did I forget to put it on silent!!! *Again another Susan moment!*

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Finally down to the main purchase in this haul are my pair of Dr Martens Original 3-Eye Shoes. I’ve seen a couple other menswear bloggers who praise this brand and (once broken into) the comfort too. I opted for a loafer style dress shoe instead of the boot. I was after something minimal and clean. Something that adds enough detail to an outfit without pulling focus.

Overall a good little shop from ASOS, they always deliver!! I’m excited to get these purchases onto my Lookbook account and blog too, so keep posted! Now I head of into the rain to work!


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