[Artist To Watch] – The Glitch Star

A giant luminescent star emerged in the centre of an unfinished building located in Butterworth, Penang. The building is situated alongside a once bustling industrial area, where the space is now desolate and quiet.

–   S t a r   G l o w   I n s t a l l a t i o n   –


The installation was inspired by the idea of ‘Glitches’, something that creates a fractional irregularity in an current. The team, with artist Jun Ong, went with the material of light and electricity to show the use of a living current and the idea of glitches. The image of a full blown star in the middle of an unfinished building is quite different. The whole piece appears as a glitch itself, as in, it shouldn’t be there. The fact it is is why I like it, it is unusual.

The structure is made from LED lights and metres of steel cables. It was made in segments to impose a reality that it has it’s own spacial surrounding in the centre of the building. This was done through merging it in-between floors and walls. It is one space entirely, but made up of two spaces theoretically.

There are many different ways to interpret this piece of art. Jun Ong, as his own details about the installation. One could argue, that because the light is piercing through the concrete structure, that the light here represents the ‘Glitch’. Possibly too how the buildings original project was a glitch itself, because it was unfinished. Or maybe how solid masses, no matter how strong and secure can endure moments of unpredictability? Also you have to notice that the electrical current of the whole piece is made up of multiple circuits. Because the installation has been constructed through several floors, each segment would have had to have been calculated to show precision. Each circuit is capable of jumping and showing irregularities, so those themes of ‘Glitch’ come back into play again. This then could be another way to look at the whole piece.

But that it what I love about art installations like this. You can summon all kinds of possible reasons behind it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.







Check out Jun Ong’s website for more installations – Jon Ong



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