[Fashion News] – Philipp Plein Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection


Philipp Plein clearly knows how to steal my heart. His menswear A/W 2016 Menswear fashion show was just full of incredible looks. The very dark, almost, all black collection where his tall, dark and handsome models, ran the runway in fedoras and leather jackets. An absolute swoonfest, each look was as good as the last.

–   P h i l i p p   P le i n   A u t u m n / W i n t e r   2 0 1 6   F a s h i o n   –






Philipp’s design aesthetic is usually very sportswear orientated, but this collection upgrades his usual into a more premium style. The garments are beautifully made and made to look expensive and rich with textures, materials and design. Check the gallery to have a look at most of the collection I’ve chosen. Although the images appear similar, there is a distinctive difference between each one. It is really an impressive collection! Very jealous I’m unable to have the option to wear this, so I’ll adore from afar!

Check out the rest of the gallery here – Philipp Plein Menswear A/w 2016.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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