[Fashion News] – Australia’s Nena X Pasadena

Established in 2009 is NxP (Nena & Pasadena), an Australian street wear brand that is rising faster than England’s current temperatures. An impressionable brand that is one to look into.

–   N e n a   &   P a s a d e n a   –

AFL’s (Australian Football League’s) Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin is apart of the brands leadership. The brand really set itself up well after the introduction of the Nena X Pasadena Flight Pant. The product features a slim fit pant with elasticated ankle. The Flight Pockets allowed for a more creative approach to standard jogger pockets. Not to mention that the brands use of controversial designs and graphic prints make this brand a bold choice for any street style, fashion conscious consumer.

The brand does well to keep to its authenticity as an Australian brand also. Even emerging into the worldwide industry, you can still see the brands originality as it progresses forward.

Check out the gallery.







Nena X Pasadena also have a great selection of muscle tee’s. I’ve always found it a little difficult to find a muscle tee that I liked and England can be quite hit and miss in regards to this. The options are limited to the consumers, only peaking for us during the one week of summer we actually have here in England. Nena X Pasadena have a wide selction, with great grahpic prints and a perfect use of colour too. They keep a nice monochrome balance with spikes of colour here and there.


The variety is wonderful from this brand and I have been really temped to get some pieces for my (Lookbook) holiday in June.


Have a browse yourself on their website and let me know in the comments what you like. Nena X Pasadena


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