[Artist To Watch] – 80’S Glam Pop – Bonnie McKee

Bombastic! Yes this artist most certainly is. Well one of her song titles is named that! The other one I wanted to feature with this post is called ‘Wasted Youth’.

–   B o n n i e   M c K e e   –

Very 80’s, very glam. She is worth a listen too pump some good vibes into your day. Her music videos are visually gorgeous too so check those out.

I’m a fan and to be honest with you, I remember listening to her last year whilst some personal events were occurring.

I sat on my lunch break from work at Jack Wills, had a cheeky cigarette and listened to Bombastic. It is a memory I remember like it was yesterday, one of those odd ones, the sort you can recall in full detail.

I came across ‘Wasted Youth’ and fell in love again with her 80’s style pop. So let me know your thoughts, are you a fan?






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