[Lifestyle] – Drift Bench – You’ll Want This For Your Apartment

Upon finding this artists work, I realised that I needed it in my life and future apartment. I’m correct in thinking everyone visualises their future apartment and creating it’s layout like you would in ‘The Sims’ games. No?

I’m looking forward to creating my future space to live, undoubtedly.

–   D r i f t   B e n c h   –


This bench was designed by Brooklyn based designer Fernado Mastrangelo. The bench itself, a mixture of sand to cement was sculptured from these elements. The natural shape to more contemporary, is a nice transition.

I love the colour too, all natural and because of that, the bench has a solid overall aesthetic. I think it is quite a smart design, minimal, but with a gentle difference between the approaches to creation.



Let me know your thoughts!

More of the artists work can be found on this website – Fernado Mastrangelo

It is a lifestyle piece I just had to share with you readers.

Thanks for reading.



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