[Lifestyle] – Waking Up Dirty

A rather naughty sounding title and I’m only referring to Lush Cosmetic’s Dirty spray.

My morning routine and the best start to a morning, is a glass of fresh lemon water. That’s a lemon, cut into halves, squeezed into a glass (like get it all, rinse that lemon dry) and then you top it up with some warm water.

Add on some Dirty spray and you are good to go for the day ahead.

The lemon is tingly refreshing and filters the chemicals from your body. It is something light and good to enjoy, whilst the Dirty spray leaves an aroma on you that is dark, sweet and moody. I’ll admit, I’m all for someone wearing this. SWOON!

I think I found a perfect morning balance. Now that is fresh thinking!

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Anyone else enjoy waking up dirty?




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