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This illusive Avant-Garde brand founded by talented Japanese designer Tatsuro Horikawa, is notably a brand that stands in its own crowd. Unlike other deluxe high-end brands, Julius is completely unique and powerful, without following the trends each season brings.

   J u l i u s   –   N i l ø s   0 0 2 N D   –




Non Ism Line øf Self. Non Ism Line øf Self. The situation or border line of no ideology on the concept of self. – Reference

The nomad fashion brand with its love of individuality and minimalism can easily be noted by their collection photographs.

Horikawa looked at making ‘clothing’, but more so, to bring out a persons unique lifestyle and existence through his line.






I imagine he felt very comfortable as a person and looked deeper into the fact that we each have our own traces of existence that can be similar. But the fact that each human on this planet is at some level different and will always be different.

We as humans throughout our lives live. We either choose a path or the path chooses us.

Life and existence is something truly remarkable and unique and for each of us, we experience our OWN moments. We may experience the same threads of life with another person, but each human has their own personal connection and memory of that moment.






I think this brand personally took into account that idea and produced collections that reflected that. Again this is my own opinion and it is how I see this brands influences.

It also appears that the brand strips back, to simple notes of us as living beings. Without the cities, villages, trees and everyday lives. That simple idea that we wonder as subconscious beings, from life to death. The baron landscape are the plains of life itself and we take that journey alone and try to make sense of it.  Again this is my own interpretation.

When I stumble across ‘artists’ like this, that do something beautiful and a little different, I imagine how I would see they visualise their concepts. I always question how and why.

There is also a heavy use of dark palettes here and with the designers other collections too. Black is the colour limitless, space and nothing could be paired too. The colour is not only full, but empty, a paradox of itself.

This collection is absolutely gorgeous and whimsical. Nomads drifting across the sands of time.

Check out more from the designer on thier website. Julius

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