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The other week I very naughtily bought myself a set of comic books from eBay. An American seller was selling a complete set of Ratchet & Clank comic books. Have a little click to play, whilst you browse!

–   R a t c h e t   &   C l a n k   –

Photo 01-12-2015, 23 31 06

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To work for Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank) to me was my dream job. And that is why I studied animation at university. Sadly it wasn’t the route for me.

The fact was the excitement and unbeknown thrill you get when you play something that you don’t know anything about. That to me is the excitement of playing a video game. Especially when the characters, story and concept intertwine with one another to create this other world.

So I came across these magazines for the artwork more, but also that nostalgic feeling I get when I hold them. I’m not a huge comic book thought, but had to make an exception!

Photo 27-11-2015, 10 28 09

Photo 01-12-2015, 23 24 37

Photo 01-12-2015, 23 25 31

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Photo 01-12-2015, 23 26 40

Photo 01-12-2015, 23 27 38

Insomniac have done such a magical job on their sequel franchises. They originally created Spyro The Dragon to which takes me back to my primary school days. Absolutely beautiful!

Photo 01-12-2015, 23 30 08

Seriously check out – Insomniac’s Work

The last thing I’ll mention are the artists they use for the music. Absolutely something else. I cant tell you the amount of times I’ve listened to it whilst I write, blog, study, draw or just relax too. Truly atmospheric!

A large, but not complete game set of most of the songs throughout the galaxy. – Just click on an icon through the link

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