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I know this time of year is all ‘New Year New Me’. Everyone sets themselves goals to get fitter, live a healthier lifestyle, drink more wine, that sort of challenge. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I have been on the journey to bulk up. Granted it was started a week before the New Year ushered in, I’m off to a good start anyway.

I plan to put on some muscle mass, arms, torso and legs. Also can’t forget a cheeky bum day! I’d feel happier in myself knowing that I worked hard and got the results I was after, especially with my cursed youthful face!

So I bought myself a men’s fitness magazine to read what I should be doing to build muscle mass the correct way.

–   M e n ‘ s   F i t n e s s   –

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This magazine came with an additional two mini inserts, which contain useful exercises to gain muscle and food plans to increase protein and vitamin intakes. Perfect for a newbie.

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I’m still making my way through it, but I’m liking what is included. Flicking through the pages and it is getting me psyched to get see what I will look like around June.

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Because of my current living situation, I’m doing this challenge at home. I’m back in the middle of the countryside and because I’m also learning to drive, I’m very limited in getting to a gym. So I’ve looked into getting a bench which was featured in the magazine.

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I am really looking forward to making these dishes to eat too. I’ll be posting them on the blog so any other readers who are interested can find out the details.

I cant wait to have more energy and feel more awake with some proper meals. Especially at work where I’m surrounded by sweets and bags of crisps. I want a meal that will satisfy me until my next one. When it is quiet at work, I get bored (I’m only human), because of that I think to myself ‘I’m hungry!’ which in reality is not the case. That is when the candy section of the store begins to call. So a good hearty vitiman packed meal would banish those hunger pains for longer!

This is the glamorous life of working in a petrol garage. Thankfully I’m aware its only temporary and each day I work is a step closer to leaving the countryside. And each day is a step to me looking and feeling healthier too.

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To be honest with you readers, this challenge is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m already on it and going to make it a reality. The book inspires me to keep going and work hard and it is a plan I am promising myself to see through. The goal is just above!

There was also a quote in the book about diets. (pretty sure it was in this magazine). It was something like.

‘Diets don’t work and are bad for you. But a healthy lifestyle approach will benefit you continuously.’

Ok so it isn’t exact, but it explained how just eating right and living your current exact lifestyle can improve your daily routine. Your body needs all types of minerals and vitamins and cutting them out will just take it’s toll eventually on you.

Just some food for thought!

Anyway, I shall be posting updates on my progress so keep an eye out for them.

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