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Hello to all my readers!

I cant believe it is coming up to the end of 2015, that crept up remarkably fast. I just wanted to write about what I’ve been up too since my last personal post.

Well, not much actually. But set on my next adventure to get back to London. That’s right, I’m no longer in London. Queue the sad music! I’m actually back in Hampshire with my family whilst I gather my resources. And by that, I mean money honey!

(Male cover of High By The Beach by Del Rey is really good too)

Photo 10-12-2015, 12 19 13

I spent a weekend up in Kingston with my friends and after talking we’ve all chosen to move up north to Manchester next year around June. It’s all part of a plan. So I told them I’d be staying in Hampshire until the move to make sure I am covered financially. It isn’t ideal, as I don’t get to see the LDN bunch very often, but it’s a more responsible thing to do for now anyway. If I moved back to LDN, I’d be struggling again on my retail job and that doesn’t sound too appealing.

I actually like the idea and to be blunt I’d thought about moving up north before living in London. Manchester is still a large city and the price of living is obviously much cheaper than London. And that was one of my problems all year round. Scrapping by each month and struggling to find money for food and bills. I worked the entire year I was there and at one point was doing two jobs. IT WAS HELLISH.

But I wouldn’t have changed a thing, it was a fantastic experience to have. So my plan in a quick nutshell is to…

Save for 6 months – go on my (much needed) holiday to Corfu in June – move to Manchester – do a full internship with a magazine publisher – use that experience to eventually get back to London. In the mean time continue to blog and try and work with brands on outfit posts!

I am also working on a secret project which I wish I could explain on my blog, but I cant! I can however show some photographs I’ve been taken for concept ideas.

Photo 11-12-2015, 10 03 47Photo 10-12-2015, 12 22 22Photo 10-12-2015, 12 18 13Photo 15-11-2015, 17 22 20

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you in the future!

Now, because of the whole money thing, I was unable to attend any courses or interships to show my experiences whilst up in LDN. I can say I was naive because well, I was really. I’m just so ready to start the rest of my life and wanting it to happen in the snap of my fingers. Sadly though I’m not a long lost descendant of the Kardashian clan, so its take my time.

Also they called their son Saint! What a time to be alive. Yas Kimye

Anyway, back to what’s currently going on, I’ve just got a new job so the saving can begin.

I’ve enjoyed my time off and just being idol, to which I’ve blogged heavily on. I managed to sort out my blog and it is nearly at a point I am fully satisfied with. I am loving the style and look of it too which is good. With all the new looks, I’ve been getting my Lookbook section organised too so that will be up soon on my blog. That is what I want to primarily feature, outfit posts and my own take on fashion.

And I finally have a location to shoot at too!

Photo 11-12-2015, 18 41 56

I love this spot and the lighting is good too. Cannot wait to get back up there and start shooting.

We got a puppy too, her name is Cody. She is just lovely.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Photo 08-11-2015, 17 08 30

My next step is saving so I’ll be doing at my temporary job which I mentioned above, it is near my village. Thankfully found one that is within walking distance, so now travel costs which allows me to save quicker.

I’m also currently doing my driving which for when I move out will be nice. It means no matter what time of the day I can pick up a tray of donuts. Yas!

Photo 08-12-2015, 12 52 15

So apart from that I’m just plodding along, so more posts and reviews will be up soon guys!

Thanks for checking out out this little update! Enjoy your day whatever you are all up too.



2 thoughts on “[Lifestyle News] – Personal Updates + Lookbook News

  1. Hi Tom,
    Happy New Year from Jeremy and I. Good luck with the saving! Manchester is supposed to be a really great place to live. How lucky are you to get a job within walking distance of home! Love the photographs you posted. Whatever it is that you can’t let us know about yet sounds exciting. Maybe see you around town some time. x

    1. Hiya Karen & Jeremy! A Happy New year to you both too! Many thanks for the kind words! I feel it all needs discussing over coffee sometime! I hope you are both well too and enjoyed the festivities over the last couple of weeks! I’ll email you soon about meeting up! x

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