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Holiday season is upon us, which means the stress over the perfect gift. Thankfully I’ve found a good brand that will reduce that anxiety.

Birambi is a ‘back to basics’ kind of brand. An adorable online shop located in the Netherlands.

–   B i r a m b i   –


Elbrig & Nikkie who own the brand wanted to change the idea of gift giving. After seeing how digital and automatic our society is, that personal factor in gift giving is often over looked, or dismissed entirely.

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Their website is really charming. You buy a test tube with a gift in and write a personal message for whomever it is. Very simple! The price range is from €2-€12, so the cost to purchase multiple little gifts wont upset your bank balance.

I wanted to try out myself, so I ordered a little selection and after browsing their collection online, thought exactly who would adore these items.

My friend Nancy is unaware what specifically I’ve got for her, but once this article is written, I’m off to the post office to send them to her.

–   T h e   R e v i e w   –

So onto the review. The parcel arrived yesterday in a neat little box. Once I opened it I noticed the packaging was plenty, especially for the glass tubes inside.

Everything looked fine and was securely placed into the parcel. It is always exciting opening a parcel you’ve ordered! (slight shopaholic)

Photo 02-12-2015, 12 24 20

Photo 02-12-2015, 12 19 38

Here is the entire range I selected, one for myself to keep and the rest for my friend Nancy. I really like how neat the products are, the tags too are wonderfully made also.

Here are the first two items. One hot chocolate and one bath salts test tube. Now I’ve just inhaled the hot chocolate and it does taste good! The little marshmallows and nuts to help make it a little more special.

My favourite of the items were the tea leaves. Such a treat, everyone should be buying their tea in this format. It is like luxury tea! These two were personally messaged for my friend. We have this little saying since the note says Tea-m. We are both artists and are each others motivational partners in crime. We have always said we are a team and both love tea too, so I just combined the two words to create Tea-m.

No-one else will understand this and some may call me out for it, but that is what this brand is about. These little personal messages that will mean the world to the sender. Nancy will get this instantly which is what makes it so special and personal.

Photo 02-12-2015, 12 07 21

The tube on the left contains a print and the right, lucky dolls.

The paint is of – Cacti. You can click the link to see. The designs are made by Birambi too.

Photo 02-12-2015, 12 20 06

I like the test tube option for this brand too. The little tubes can be reused and recycled into projects. Birambi’s website contains a DIY section that will continue to grow with little project ideas to inspire.

Screenshot 2015-12-02 at 13.20.14

Birambi is truly minimal, which is why I thought a review for my own blog would fit nicely. I’m all about unique little brands that feature the same tastes I enjoy. The test tube idea is different and a little unusual. I’ve not seen another gift giving idea like Birambi, so I wanted to share it with you readers.

The hardest part is figuring out what personal message to send with the gift! Apart from my ‘Tea-m’ message, took me ages for the other items!

I totally recommend Birambi for anyone this holiday season! Remember to order early as to allow time for shipping.

Please go shower the team with love on their website – Birambi

Thank you for checking out my review too.



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