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A Woman’s Work Is Never Done – flesh/ thread.

Eliza Bennett has created a series of graphic images using her own hand and coloured thread. The artist’s work might be a little much for the faint hearted, but for those who enjoy different I give you…

–   E l i z a   B e n n e t t   –


Threading the top layer of her skin, Eliza portrays a working hand. She explains that the idea behind this was about human values. How a larger society is invisible to working class people. Typically the jobs considered ‘women s work’, cleaning, caring, catering. Her audience points out her work as a feminist protest, but Eliza notes that many men work these same job titles everyday and this concept was for the people, as a whole.

Her images show a classic working hand, groves, callouses, blisters etc. Eliza wanted to represent that these typical ‘women s work’ jobs are not light and easy. That it takes a real effort on their part to do these so called belittling jobs.

I have to agree too, without the little people of the corporate pyramid, the baristas, the cleaners, carers and so on, the higher positions would crumble.

For example, take a big shot corporate coffee drinker.

He starts his day a little late, missing his home cup of coffee. Since there are no barista’s or people to sell him coffee. He is unable to get a boost he needs for his meeting before work.

He is tired and his performance is lagging. The meeting he is hosting is full of little slip ups and his looses the account because of that. Now since he was in charge of the large company business deals, the account that was just lost, would have helped secure them financially for another 5 years.

Later that following year after his meeting  of slip ups, his company has gone bust and his staff of 200 people have been let go. All because he was a little tired and without that morning cup of joe a barista could have made him, he has now caused a rippling effect for those people who’ve lost their jobs because of him.

This is why these great people, who work the little jobs, are the foundation of the economy. Unbeknown to a lot of them too, they are just as important as those who are the other end of the scale.

This again is just my own opinion, I’m not saying I’m right or wrong!

Anyway, back to the artist featured!

If you like Eliza’s work, then check out her site – Eliza Bennett

Images are (c) to Eliza Bennett

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