[Artist To Watch] – Veronika Gilková

Veronika Gilková who graduated in Slovakia with her degree in psychology, took to her camera and found a natural passion for photography.

–   V e r o n i k a   G i l k o v á   –


Veronika’s work is all about shutter speed control, focusing on the correct lighting and capturing dreamscape imagery. Her work features smoke bombs in a natural environment, that just transform the original setting. She also fuses together portraiture to capture beautiful visuals with her haze induced concepts.


As you can see, her work has this aura of benevolence over her entire gallery. She also manages to shoot this emotional freedom wherever or whoever she photographs.

Her ideas of colour for her work are very smart too, it can be easy to shoot a pretty picture, but it look too busy with this huge spectrum of colour. Veronlika however, with her knowledge, captures a precise minimlistic spectrum. Because of that, her work is more alive and intriguing.

Her Tumblr account is a wall of haunting perfection.

Check out the rest of her work on her site – Veronika Gilková

Images are (c) to  Veronika Gilková

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