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This song has been at the top of my bookmark list for such a long time. The fact it’s got pineapple in the name below sold me. I bloody love pineapples!

Since it is freezing now in England and my holiday to Corfu is 6 months away, I’ve been keeping tropical with some fun music.


–   E l e c t r i c   R i o t   :   P e r s u a s i o n   (Pineapple Crush Mix)   –

Electric Riot is also a name that sticks out from the crowd. From their title you can imagine all sorts of good sounds.

I’ve been a fan of Electric Riot for a little while. To be honest, when I first saw their logo art I was like ‘hello new tab’ and clicked straight away. (It’s absolutely gorgeous and beautifully created.) Thankfully, I love the fact I go with my gut on things, because I get to stumble across great bands like this. Once I’d heard Electric Riot’s tracks I was already trying to find out more.


There style of music is, electric disco rock, so it’s got a good beat. And if you are like me, you can bop along to it whilst you blog your heart out.

The band consists of Brad/Maldini/Trouble and are located in London.

(Yasss, means I can come to one of their gigs once I’m back living in LDN).

I’ll also be adding Electric Riot’s tracks to my holiday playlist!


Check out their site with links to their music and networking accounts – Electric Riot

Images are (c) to Electric Riot

Thanks guys.








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