[Fashion News] – Hui By Eran Hui S/S 16

Another promising designer from Shanghai Fashion Week was Hui By Eran Hui. The street style collection that features monochrome palettes and edgy details. The collection is a mixture of sportwear and tailoring, like comfortable high-class street wear.

Transparent materials, mesh and leather are used throughout the entire collection. Large decal font is also a dominant feature too.

–   H u i   B y   E r a n   H u i   –


I’ve noticed over the last couple years and more recently too, leather pants seem to be more and more common along the fashion shows across the globe. It might be a nice change to see more men wearing them day to day. They make a great statement piece and are versatile with many outfit possibilities.

When you see someone wearing leather pants and they are a monochrome haze of perfection. Swooooon!

An amazing contemporary collection! So many outfits I’d wear myself!

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