[Artist To Watch] – Sculptured Soaps by Pelle

The nicest thing about a long day is the thought of coming back to a relaxing bath. You have your candles lit (for ambience), a book, a glass of red and some back ground music. It’s almost perfect, almost!

Something is a miss.

Now does anyone else own bars of soap? You know the ones that are specifically just used for decoration? If so, I’ve an artist you’ll love. If you are after something modern, minimal and geometric, have a look at Pelle.

I promise after having a look at these sculpted soap bars, that almost perfect bath will be changed to ‘perfect bath’ status.

Then you can post a picture of your bath layout, with your soap and glass of wine onto Facebook. To let everyone know being single is going great for you. [Click]

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If you like these intricate designs check out her site – Pelle

Images are (c) to Pelle

Thanks for checking out this artist to watch.








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