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Kim Watson is an experimental artist who creates these psychedelic prints using 35mm film. Her analogue style of photography gives her work this raw beauty.

–   K i m   W a t s o n   –

I remember when I studied photography in university and my favourite medium was film, be in the form of a one use snap camera or my own film canon camera. It was an old digital model, but still allowed me to capture these raw prints. It was always nice to see what imprinted onto the film once in the darkroom. Digital photography has it’s perks, but simplicity of analogue film is become a lost art.

Thankfully we still have people enjoy using this timeless medium. Now Kim’s work is very abstract, almost like looking under a microscope. It’s quite alien. She tags her photos on her site as #filmsoup, I’m just guessing it’s to do with the outcome of the prints. Her work is always so different from the last and it’s a mixture process to get the results she achieves.

I think her work is very cryptic, but that is why I like it. You are drawn into the frame, trying to understand what it is all about.

Apart from her more abstract style prints, she also creates these light drenched vintage style shots. The same effects to give that glowy pastime effect we all use daily on our Instagram photos.


I love that she manages to create her own sun flare and bleached effects. Her work reminds me of Lana’s music videos. That same ethereal flare in her work, especially in her wave prints. Photography is all about capturing lost moments and Kim manages to capture them beautifully.

You can check out more of Kim’s work on her site – Kim Watson

Images are (c) to Kim Watson

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