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London’s underground fashion is home to some cool and innovative brands. Brands that appreciate doing their own thing. Contemporary and arty styles that don’t follow the mass of consumers on the high street.

–   U N : I K   –


UN:IK was founded late December 2013 by a young individual. Upon seeing that the high street was limited in selection and each shop was bringing out similar items, UN:IK was formed.

His vision was the create an outlet for other young designers to use, to showcase their own brands. An outlet to store the coolest emerging underground fashion London has.

The current styles on the outlet are dark palettes with heavy fonts. I’m talking monochrome realness. Not only that, but the quality of products is good too. The brands using the outlet to sell have chosen good materials and fitted cuts. So the selection available is of premium quality.


The store holds a variety of brands so far. Continuing to go obviously, but some of the young designers on their already are:

UN:IK will continue to grow as an underground outlet for those fashion ready to wear different brands.

Check out their website – UN:IK Outlet

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