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Shanghai Fashion Week was a variety of monochrome looks. Each designer with their own take on fashion.

Fen Chen Wang is an up and coming designer who recently graduated from the Royal College of Art.

Wang’s graduate début collection was rich with attention to detail. The use and construction of fabrics and her sense of direction. It is just a little different and I love it. Her work caught my attention because her style is gracefully tough.

–   F e n   C h e n   W a n g   –


She also was the winner of the 2014 Albini Group Emmett Shirt Award in London, won various awards throughout Asia, USA and Europe and won first prize in Beijing for The Future of Now competition.

It is no surprise her already success. The coat above, I love how it is put together. The way is falls over the model and the design in general. I’d happily wear this myself. Not to mention, a gust of wind and the jacket looks even more majestic! Swoonfest!

As someone who is fresh onto the fashion scene, she is already getting some great exposure and attention.

Her S/S 2016 collection below included a monochrome palette and hues of an earth green. The collection focused heavily on outerwear pieces and her designs come from the telling of stories and personal narratives in her world. Things like, what it means to mean? And her own values.

The outfit in the last of the photos is my favourite, again another piece I’d wear.

Fen Chen Wang constructs ‘new form’ pieces that are modern and unusual. Her designs include extreme sport traits with high performance finishes. The materials she uses, with glossy finishes, heavy duty looks and tough endurance, really promote that extreme sport style approach.

Sports such as parachuting, which feature a harness and lightweight yet durable looking fabric. Much like the outfit pictured above.


I wanted to mentioned her use of models too. Her collection is aimed for menswear, but the gender neutral approach to designs caught my attention. I thought it was very noble the use of both male and female models, which I noticed doesn’t appear to jar at all on the runway. The whole concept of her work looks great on both sexes and really makes her a stand out artist on the runway.

You can follow more of her work here – Fen Chen Wang

Images are (c) to Fen Chen Wang

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