[Artist To Watch] – Januz Miralles

Januz Miralles, an artist from the Philippines who’s work is nothing but extraordinary. The captivating and cryptic photographic manipulator, creates these visually beautiful and engorging portraits of women.

The elongated statues that reside in the frame are like lost sirens of the ocean. They appear tortured and filled with deep and raw emotions.

–   J a n u z   M i r a l l e s   –


Something is really intriguing about his style of work. My favourite pieces of his work are the shrouded cloaked face at the beginning and the poised skeletal figure. Something a little ominous and macabre about them. I want to find out more.


His work was inspired by capturing the fragileness of the female form, his medium of work is the mixture of photo manipulation, with painting and drawing.


Check out his work here – Januz Miralles

Images are (c) to Januz Miralles

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