[Style News] – Monochrome Interiors – It’s Black, It’s White

Saint-Forget, France. A rustic countryside area close to the wonderful city of Paris. France in general makes me think of macaroons and the fact I have none here as I type.

Anyway… Overlooking my social media accounts, I came across this interior house designer. André Wogenscky, who created this monochrome modernists layout in the middle of Saint-Forget, France.

–   H o u s e   S a i n t – F o r g e t   –


Deep in the countryside lies this contemporary bliss. Completely the opposite of the natural surroundings, something very minimal and pure and possibly out of place. Also from the looks of it, my future home!


The black and white are a crisp contrast against one another. The nice thing about a black and white coloured interior, is how cleansing it feels.  A sense of understanding and clarity can be felt in a minimalists home.

It truly is a lovely interior and quite a nice find too, for the middle of the countryside. The nice thing about this place is the fact it is a secret escape. It’s hidden amongst the trees and rustic stone era. It doesn’t belong where it is located, but that is what makes this space so special.

Don’t forget House Saint-Forget.

All images are (c) André Wogenscky

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