[Artist To Watch]- Ballerino

Ballerino is art house, hypnotic synth and fractured vocals. Robin Paul Braum from Berlin/London has already made a name for himself with his style of music.

Braum’s energy in the art house community is unique from the others in the same field. Unlike the typical art house approach, Braum favours, 80’s vibe and minimalism.

–   B a l l e r i n o :   W e t   –

His layering of sound allow him to create this complexity within his music, still keeping it minimal. His sound is able to bring out themes easier to the viewer.

The themes in his work are honest and raw. Desperate and embarrassing crushes, cyber-sex and the perspectives of pornography.


Quite a talent, I’d love to be able to attend one of his shows when I’m back living in LDN.

His live shows consist of a 5-piece band, made up of live percussions, bass, guitar, synth and vocals that are distorted.

Check out his page over on Facebook and don’t forget to check out his SoundCloud too – Ballerino

Ballerino is also on Twitter.

Image is (c) to Ballerino

Thank you for checking out this artist to watch! I’ve just this second followed him over on his Twitter.










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