[Fashion News] – The Classic All Black Accessory

Japanese culture has brought us (for those who live on the western side of the globe, me included) some incredible fashion, food, style, music and architecture. Did I mention their food?

Their rich traditions and neo-contemporary vision give us, the past and future in our present.

Now I wanted to share a brand that I thought might help my followers who are in the same predicament as myself. Trying to find the classic all black accessory and did I find it!

The backpack is good, real good.

–   A   J a p a n e s e   E l e m e n t a r y   S c h o o l   B a c k p a c k   –




It is simple and a statement piece. Not only does it suit the formal approach, but because of it’s monochrome minimal style, can be suited for a dressed down casual approach.

If you are like me, enjoy all black looks, love things minimal and like the unique, finding accessories can be hard. But once you find something really good, it is good and everyone is talking.

I’m personally referring to here, backpacks. It took me years to find a plain black leather backpack, something simple that could work with multiple looks. I had this ghastly coloured one that was prone to getting grubby.

I wanted something I could call my London backpack. Something that to me, would cause fashion riots back home. A city backpack.

The one I ended up finding was actually rubberised, which was an even nicer surprise once I was holding it in my hands. To be frank, I absolutely adore it and it looks great with multiple styles. I got the item at River Island, which I wasn’t expecting.


So this bag featured here is a great investment. The bags are an adult version of the children’s design the Japanese youth use for school. They are constructed to last and still look good and smart, years to come.

At an estimated £555 since you are buying internationally from Japan, it might leave your wallet a little light.

However, because of the price you will be guaranteed that the bag is a premium handmade item, which it is. As I have said above, the bag is durable, it is made to last and making a product that does that, costs time and money, so the price is justified.

I really want the black version of the bag., so I’d recommend that one. If I wasn’t saving to move out, I’d already have one jet setting itself on a plane towards me!

Check out the site here to purchase one: Tsuchiya.

Images here are (c) Tsuchiya.

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