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East London’s newest clothing brand is Antioch.

Their approach to fashion is fast movement, fresh prints and good fabrics. Ideally pieces of clothing that when washed, are kept to near original condition. Pieces that are durable for the money you are spending. Construction of the garments is one of their top focuses as a house brand.

Their palette is minimal and features more black & white styles, too the colour print versions. However, they favour bold statement pieces that are versatile to dress in multiple styles. Up or down, it is your choice.

–   A n t i o c h   C l o t h i n g   –


The addition to black skinny jeans allow the designs to be punchy and become the focus point for the outfit. They spacious line prints are a bold choice, but for their collection they work.


If the colours chosen were different, brighter for instance, they would appear too jarring. Stone hues are a good palette choice.

I like the consistency of their brand style, each piece is so different from the next when you look at each piece on their own. But as a collective, the collection is really well done.


Antioch Clothing can be found on their site here: Antioch Clothing

Images are (c) to Antioch

Thank you for checking out this brand.





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