[Artist To Watch] – Ardan Özmenoglu

A three-dimensional, large-scale constructed tree made entirely of glass. This was a concept designed by Ardan Özmenoglu.

The Turkish artist used large sheets of glass, in a turquoise colour. The glass was then painted on to give the illusion (once put together) of a formed tree.

Using retrospective angles and a base, the tree is fully standing and can be enjoyed by any desired view.

–   A r d a n   Ö z m e n o g l u   –

What I like about this piece is the darkness of it. It reminds me of witch like trees, in woodlands near my home. The tree’s palette against the foggy hues of the turquoise glass, bring the tree out more, as a real formed object.

I get a fantasy theme given off from this installation. The tree itself is hovering when viewed if you take a second glance.

When I see this piece I imagine the tree as a clocked figure covered in ‘vantablack‘ butterflies. The shrouded host dispels the insects d it’s presence is visible to the person viewing the ‘tree’?

Quite a neat little concept I guess. But then again, I play way too many fantasy role playing games, so I wouldn’t listen to me…

…I mean I’ve already switched off.. I should get some friends.

The artists work can be found here: Ardan Özmenoglu

Images are (c) Ardan Özmenoglu

Thanks for checking out this ‘Artist To Watch’




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