[Artist To Watch] – Melanie McCollin-Walker

Melanie McCollin-Walker is a living storm. Her paintings are infused with the atmospheric energy of a real typhoon.

Her clouds are statuette and royal, but aggressive. They control the whole landscape in the frame. Almost cataclysmic.

I follow her work on Facebook. Melanie currently has a gallery opening in Sydney.  If you are lucky enough to visit it in person then go.

She is showcasing her gorgeous clouds and clashing of the sea and skies.

I’ve always appreciated the shapes, colours and styles that lay across the sky. Melanie captures them perfectly, showing the depth in her work with such beautiful techniques and colour palettes.

Her work is extraordinary and gives off a moving illusion.

Check out her Facebook page here: Melanie McCollin-Walker

Images are (c) to Melanie McCollin-Walker

I thought she would be a great feature for my blog as an ‘Artist To Watch’. Thank you for reading, please go give Melanie some love.




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