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Concrete furnishings for your home. I stumbled across this page and I feel in love. I’m really excited to write about this subject as it actually holds a special place in my heart. A project I’m working on. Sometime in the future I can explain more and let you readers in on what it is about. I think it will be promising investment.

–   C o n c r e t e   F u r n i s h i n g s   –

Anyway, iGNANT has some great articles and I came across these pieces for your home. I thought I’d share with you guys. I really like the idea of something a little different, much like everyone else who is into minimal aesthetics. Whether it is fashion or interior furnishings. I chose a few of the items on the list and expanded through them.

–   Fraukler   –

Austrian designer Klara Schuster creates simple home pieces for the minimalists of the world. Using the elements of water, sand and cement, she creates little succulent and plantation holders. The versatile pieces are functional to which ever way you decide to use them, for your little plants or just to stand alone on your desk. She is by far my favourite of the cement artists, such variety!

Above is a cement necklace sold as part of Fraukler’s jewellery range. It comes in a few choices, icosahedron, dodecahedron and octahedron shapes. I’m currently ordering myself the octahedron version. I’ve been searching everywhere for a necklace that is grey, minimal, geometric and unusual. A statement piece I can work into my outfit posts. FINALLY FOUND ONE!

I really want to get myself some pieces from her collection. I love the idea of cement made pieces. These little pieces showing a more subtle side to this material. It also gives me a reason to buy some more plants!

Check out Fraukler’s work here – Fraukler

–   F M C   D e s i g n s   –

As someone who enjoys getting weekly colds (I dont!), this item is perfect! I always see people who have tissue boxes in their homes, from knitwear to wooden ones. Sadly I’ve never been a fan, unless you fork out your wages on deluxe tissues with a nice cardboard.

But then again, you have to find a nice box to buy and that can take time! I liked this idea above, it’s smart and sophisticated and would look good in multiple styled homes/offices. It is very contemporary and very corporate at the same time, but also with a hint of traditional medium. The stone colour could be worked into a rustic styled house also.

The tissue box is made by duo, Tommy & Nicole. Check them out here – FMC Designs

–   K o r n   P r o d u k t e   –

Here above are the works of Jochen Korn. Now this product was made for holding items such as fruit, keys, phones and such. But I like the aesthetics of using it to hold my eggs.

Check out more of his work here – Korn Produkte

–   M a t e r i a l   I m m a t e r i a l   S t u d i o s   –

Now these are good!

house 1

house 2

house 3

house 4

house 5

house 6

house 7

house 8

house 9

Duo, Disney Davis & Nitin Barchha teamed up to create this wonderful installation for your space. You’ve the option to buy each piece separately or all together to form a little space within a space. They use a custom concrete mix and each piece is uniquely made. Items will have slight variations between other versions.

houses all

I think this idea is really neat and quite clever. A mini concrete utopia that sits in a concrete structure, depending on where you live.

Check out their work here – Material Immaterial Studios

–   D ‘ H a u t e v i l l e   C o n c r e t e   C h a i r   –

Office space would look visually impacting with a cement chair. It sounds uncomfortable, but the designer reassures us that it is indeed a comfy and soft sitting experience.

Lyon Béton creates large cement furnishings for your home, pots, chairs and stools are amongst the wide variety on his site. Check out his wares here – Lyon Béton

Check out the links and get yourself a concrete purchase. (I’m sorry, I got through the whole blog post without a pun and I just slipped up and got stuck in the cement.)

I’m awful ahaha!

Thank you though for reading, let me know your thoughts.


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