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Waterfall by Yuhl Jung is a serene collection. The artists work has been captured beautifully, very silhouette and very still. However, the stills here show us the essence of movement, even in these frozen portraits.

–   Y u h l   J u n g   S / S   2 0 1 6   –

“But how could there be an eternally flowing Waterfall if not for the sacrifice of ephemerally falling waterdrops?”

The collection is indiscriminatingly neat and minimal. Monochrome palettes with hints of blue hues to capture that aquatic vision.

The photography highlights the reflections of the light on water. It is done through the fabric and natural posture of the model. Water holds a magnitude of light spectrum’s that like water itself, is constantly moving. It is quite poetic.

The folds, layering and depth of fabric show us levels. Water is an illusionary substance, sometimes there is more than meets the eye. A pool of water might be might look shallow to the naked eye, but once submerged the pool becomes colossal in depth. Much like deep cave pools.

The beautiful thing about this collection is not only the collection itself, but the awkwardness and the models rigid angles. I think it captures the whole concept. The garments are very free flowing and drape effortlessly, much like water itself, it is unpredictable. The crooked placement of the arms could be identified as the natural elements around the body of water. Stone and roots carved and redirected, by the flow of the Waterfall. I think it is telling us a story.

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