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Just wanted to share a little post with an artist I came across through Facebook recently. Mixed in talents Jesse Draxler uses a monochrome palette for his work, be it painting or photograph.

A mixed media artist.

–  J e s s e   D r a x l e r   –


I love how he captures people in his pieces. There is a hint of torture within his work that it just so appealing. A little sinister, but it goes well artistically with the black. When you look at his work, you wonder and question what was the artists intention.

You sort of have to look at each piece twice over to see it properly. It is awkward and twisted and great.

I love mixed media artists. I studied during my first year at university a degree called ‘Arts & Media’. Sadly for me it was the only course I could get into with my grades from college, but the course sounded so good. We basically filtered into every area of the campus. Illustration, photography, film and other media’s gave me a good variety.

I moved courses after one year though, because of the course itself. It sounded very promising to begin with, but no other courses knew who the arts and media lot were. And constant battles left some of us in the course feeling lost and unsure what direction this would lead us once we graduated. It was a little dispelling because the option for me personally, to be a mixed media artist, was something I had been doing since high school. I’ve never allowed myself to be limited to a single art area. I just love all aspects of the art world, everything is a craft and everything has something good you can draw from it.


Now however, I use what mediums of art at the time I find appealing. So, finding other artists with an adoration for the same styles of print making is wonderful. This is something I am using for my own portfolio.

Jesse manages to capture emotion and personify his subjects with little mark making. The single lines used to outline figures is wonderful. It is a very harsh, yet gentle approach.

The images all above have been from his portfolio. I selected several from the Organic Pattern segment on his site below.

It’s a monochrome dream.

His work is truly something and I just wanted to share it with my readers. He takes beauty of grotesque things and gives us depth in his work. I’d love to interview this artist personally and find out how he came about to produce his work here.

His site – Jesse Draxler

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