[Fashion News] – Murky Jewellery

Murky is a menswear jewellery brand that gives men some more selection in the accessories department. The brands craftsmanship with metals and obsession with darkness gives their line that dark druid beauty. The brand caters menswear, giving us gents more options available with our own bling ring collection.

–   M u r k y   J e w e l l e r y   –

Murky’s duo Mike Årsjö & Emelica Lidman share an appreciation for black and all things dark. The duo realised a window in the market, where good quality pieces weren’t so much available for men in the fashion industry.

Oxidised metals and dirty silvers, bring this brand up from the murky depths. The brand’s style gives me the impression of dark druids, witches and things from a fantasy realm. But, imagine the pieces here with a monochrome outfit you’ll wear daily, very unique.

The rings together form this collection, but take them apart and they become more versatile.

I absolutely adore the rings above, I’m already putting them together in my head with my own looks.

I’ve mentioned before, I love hands. Photographing or illustrating them personally, they are always just interesting things. A little odd I know, but these photographs are what drew me to this brand. The unpredictable and awkward hands show casing these dark metals.

Its not perfect. It is dirty and raw, just like the metals themselves. And that is why I appreciate it, it is such a beautiful concept that sets them apart from other brands using silver.

Murky Jewellery can be found here: MURKY

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