[Artist To Watch] – Deep Routed – ‘Solace’

Isolation and space. Deep Routed’s new track ‘Solace’ explores the themes of being alone and the suffering, depression causes us.

Through a neo-haunting rhythmic beat and discorded vocals, ‘Solace’ becomes something beautifully terrifying. Have a listen and take in the whole concept.

–   D e e p   R o o t e d   –   ‘ S o l a c e ‘   –

The contemporary dance brings the track alive, with expressions of emotions. Constantly moving, it is awkward.

Behind the pretty droplet sounds and the dream-like psychedelic ocean visuals, there is more. The quick jolts in editing create this nasty reality, of what emotional torture is behind the dancers wall of choreography. It is graphic and upsetting.

Depression personally, I would say is like:

“Drifting through a space, whilst you watch the surroundings move. It is awkward. The beat of a military drum personifies the reality of each moment that goes by. You are swallowed by a presence that preys on you. You are concrete, but hollow.”

This however is my own interpretation of this subject, I am not correct as each persons experiences differ. This was just my own personal opinion from something I went through awhile back. This is how I felt.

From watching this video and the artistic direction behind it, I feel they have captured the concept of depression respectfully.

I looked into the artists name too, to see it it helps clarify to me what they are all about.

Deep Route – ‘Solace’

  • Deep-rooted:
“Firmly embedded in thought, behaviour, or culture, and so having a persistent influence.”

  • Rout:
“A disorderly retreat of defeated troops.”

  • Route:
“A way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.”

  • Solace:
“Comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness.”

I took upon Google to get the word meanings above, The play on words for the artists name is clever and thought out. Just looking at the definitions above you can get an idea of what sort of concepts this artist plays with. There is a definite message in this video of “Solace” and it is captured so elegantly.

This again is my own ideas for the artists name.

Check out the article by Sant Magazine to read the interview between them and the people behind the scenes for this video. It is a great read and cleared up for me some wonders I had of the video. I especially took note to Sasha Denny’s response to how depression felt. The awkwardness and isolation which is shown from the video by the dancer. She dances very awkwardly, almost abrupt from one style to another, this Denny said is the mixture of emotions changing.

Their idea that depression is like standing at the bottom of the ocean. The themes in the video using that concept, the darkness, the droplet sounds, the jellyfish (known to cause psychedelic pain), the space, the fractured light (representing the light hitting the surface of the water).

Everything gives a little slice into what the director wanted to say through this performance.

Having only been introduced to this artist recently, I can tell that they will go very far. I hope they get the recognition for this wonderful piece of art, I look forward to seeing their next project and what is next in store.

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