[Style News] – Joe Browns London Bloggers Photoshoot

Towards the end of October gone, a group of bloggers including myself were invited to take part in a photoshoot located in Shoreditch. Something new for some of us (myself I know), but a great day out. I’d never had an invitation for something like this so I was excited and a little nervous.

I met Emily and whole team at the shoot location. The 10 Bells Pub just off Brick Lane, Shoreditch. An absolutely gorgeous timely building, full of character, charm, (alcohol) and ghosts…?

Apparently so, we were discussing haunted pubs during the shoot.

Like I said above the shoot for me was something completely new, it was a fantastic way to meet new people and network with like minded individuals. I made some friends who hopefully will see in the future, whether a shoot or event.

The shoot itself was really chilled and fun, much like Joe Browns aesthetics. A relaxing and comfortable crew let me feel as if I was just at the pub for a drink. I forgot we were shooting for a brand during the time I was there.

I bet those ghosts we were talking about are down there.

The experience I personally got was great, it gave me some clarity that blogging can lead you places. And that you’ll be surprised what sorts of adventures await those who never give up on writing on their blogs. I was also surprised to the people who already followed and knew about my blog.

Onto the shoot and I was wearing Joe Browns more floral range. For those who know me, I love, adore dark florals. So it was a yes to the shirt when I was asked. I also appreciate fabric and materials, so the suede boots, good, with a nice fit. I thought my outfit was really smart and casual.

–   S c a r l e t t   –

Scarlett looking effortlessly lovely in her Oriental coat and velvet dress. She was just so fun and looks more graceful then I do on top of chairs/tables. Thankfully we weren’t out in Soho on a night out!! You can find her blog here: scarlettlondon.com

–  L a u r a   –

This smiley little gem is Laura, who was simply adorable. She can be found on her site: lovedbylaura.com She looked gorgeous in her evening dress and was an absolute delight to meet. Just needs a cheeky glass of red and she is set!

–   B e n   –

Ben looking very charming and dashing here, you can check him out here: twentyfirstcenturygent.com I loved his shoes and his whole look. Cant go wrong with a velvet blazer…swoonfest!

–  A d a m   –

Adam looking cool, calm and collected whilst he wore a smart casual approach. And yes he does look this good! Check out his site: themalestylist.com

–   R i c h   –

Rich gave us knitwear envy with his piece, his casual holiday attire looked great! If you want to check out his site, head on over too: theclassicmale.co.uk

Here are some of the other shots taken.

It was really nice to work with the whole team here, bloggers and organisers together. An absolutely great day out!

I would also like to give a personal mention to Emily the lady who organised the event. It was an honour to be considered for this shoot.

Even when I received the email, I wont lie, I deleted it before having a look. A silly mistake!

But after reading it and talking to myself out loud (yes that is right we all do it) said:

“Wow! People are actually looking at my blog. It’s not just my cat.”

Weird thing is, I don’t own a cat. I had never received an email like that before, so I was astounded! It just goes to show you, that you never know what is around the corner. I will double check my emails from now onwards!!

Emily and the rest of the team at Joe Browns, you were fantastic and it was a pleasure to meet you all. You did a great job with the shoot and it was a great experience. Thank you very much!!

Hopefully see you all in the future?!

If you haven’t already had a look at Joe Browns website, go and check out their range: JOE BROWNS

Thanks for reading!


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