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Bitter-sweet menswear duo Ada + Nik is the current brand that is dominating the menswear fashion industry. Inspired by pre industrial revolution, the punk era and all things black. Ada + Nik is currently storming the competition with only a few collections under their belts.

–   A D A  +   N I K   –

The brand consists of two people, Ada Zanditon & Nik Thakkar. Zanditon originally was a womenswear designer and Thakkar a model. Both masters in their elements.

The two met and decided to form a team. Since then their brand has sky rocketed up the fashion industry.

Ada + Nik are a menswear power couple.

–   T h e   C o l l e c t i o n s   –

I’ve selected a few pieces from each collection for you to get a bit about what Ada + Nik is all about.

–   S S   /   1 5   –

So their first two collections, showcased the foundation of their style. Gothic dark matter.

Using leather, mesh and adoration for modern cuts and techniques, pushing those almost uncomfortable styles out there. These clothes are for the male consumer who breathes fashion and style.

Leather dungarees are a bold statement piece and this could easily be made into an outfit picking out other pieces or even other monochrome brands. I personally love them, always thought dungarees would find their way back into the industry, and in leather too! Swoonfest!

The geometric print, half mesh and elongated shirt are fantastic pieces that (I actually want) could be put together for any time of the day. Its versatile, which good fashion should be. A very city based look, could easily be seen in and around London.

–   A W   /   1 5   –

–   S S   /   1 6   –

Their more recent collections brought the man skirt/kilt. The de-constructed biker jacket/vest, the leather details and their innovative materials. The brand really is very powerful and what the menswear fashion industry needs. It needs someone to make the clothes the industry is sceptical on doing.

–   J o s e p h   –   S i n c l a i r   P h o t o g r a p h y   –

We have shots here from Joseph-Sinclair shoot. Its very LDN, its gritty, raw and honest. In the fact that men are wearing contemporary designs and showing that leather pieces aren’t just for the womenswear industry. The fact leather jeans/pants for men is often passed over as odd, either seen in a past era, or only for rock Gods, this brand is on its way to changing that perspective. Give it a couple of years and we’ll see more leather pieces on the high street, be it leather dungarees or pants.

The brands success so far is for its dark British fashion, Gothic and bitter-sweet attitude. The style is luxe, minimal and monochrome, all things that Thakkar adores.

The brand also uses a variety of materials which are sourced ethically. Human hair, bamboo, calf leather, sheer and eel skin. Other innovative materials are used too, hydrophobic cotton and antibacterial sneakernet. These materials are key part of the contemporary vision from this dark matter menswear brand.

All part of Thakkars vision.

–   N a t h a n   B r e w e r   M o d e l s   A d a   +   N i k

This duo doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, they have made their mark early.

Monochrome royalty.

I actually cannot wait to see what this brand pulls out for AW/16

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