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Chinese designer Chi Zhang brought the fashion world ‘unnormal’ collections, since his début on the runways in the year 2009. A rising star that studied in England and finished his masters in Milan. He already has a fierce approach to menswear, bold choices that insist on being known.

–   C H I   Z H A N G   –

He chooses many different aspects to construct his collections. Using firstly a monochrome palette, and details too. From the details the use of textures and materials. Each piece is unique and tailored gorgeously. The sharp cuts and digital printing give strength to his concepts.

Chi Zhang’s fashion is true controversy. Fusion between ‘S&M’ and ‘Ecology’. The two designs here, above and below, are my favourite from the runway. The fetish concept, tackles on the different, still using concepts of the norm. Its perfect discord.


See the strength I was drawn too. If I was a designer, this would be the sort of artistic style approach my collections would include. The anti-normal couture, concepts that are controversial.

A very post apocalyptic approach to fashion, very ‘Mad Max’. I love gas masks, something rather sinister and haunting about them.

The leather fabric and black for days palette is just beautiful too. It is a collection that is beautiful yet jarring, not your typical runway performance.

The designer took inspiration from his home back in Beijing, and using the concept of pollution, donned the runway with models in gas masks. The slogan ‘FXXK Air Pollution’ is all about the ecological state on the air quality in China. The designer raises his own personal concerns with the current event.

This artist is quite a force to be reckoned with. Not only having coverage in multiple magazines, such as Elle and Vogue China, the designer was awarded with, ‘Most Promising Young Talent’ and Esquire’s ‘Designer of the Year’. His East/West fused aesthetic has given him a strong footing in the industry. I cant wait to see his next collection.

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