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Chinese designer Ziggy Chen brings us dark auras with his designs. The menswear brand that favours materials, fabrics and textures, constructing them to create these beautiful pieces.

–   Z I G G Y   C H E N   –

Since he was inspired by the traditional period of Shanghai from between 1900-1920, the clothing created is very mature and for those who are into minimal and different. The western/eastern fusion artist takes inspiration from balance.

The balance between tradition and contemporary movement is something that Ziggy Chen pursues as a designer. Balance is key to how his work is seen by his audience.

We are people from all over the world, from those who reside upon the sides of mountains, enjoying the comfortable pleasures of the natural world. Or those who dwell in urban jungles, a complex society where the gears of civilisation and evolving are constantly greased and in movement. Two different worlds, each providing a balance.

For the majority of us who live in the extreme urbanised areas, we seek space and silence from untouched natures. And vice-versa.

But even in untouched areas of wilderness, the balance is still there. The gentle silence and spacious atmosphere is overrun with plantation, so much is packed into a patch. This is the balance Ziggy Chen intertwines with his work.

The fabrics are imported from around the globe to Shanghai, where the construction of his work is done. The photos in the post are from various collections. You can see how his work has moved and evolved from each piece. No one item is the same.

It is nice to see a brand show traditional inspired collections. Shanghai for me personally is another world from my life here in England. It would be wonderful to visit one day and take in the rich culture and experience it for the first time.

You can see that Ziggy Chen keeps a monochrome vibe throughout his work. The minimal palette with a dash of colour here and there. And layering also is an important factor, not just for a piece of garment but the whole outfit/look as a whole.

A bold, but rewarding choice too is the option to keep one colour throughout an entire look. Layering is a great available option to bring the outfit out. Using a single colour could produce a flat look.

The photography too captures nicely the values of this brand. Ziggy Chen also, manages each time to produce new creative propositions for the fashion world without resulting in something extreme and farfetch. Take Moschino and Jeremy Scott’s collabration, the fast food fashion line was a wonderful and creative piece. It worked in it’s extremeness, but so does something subtle and ordinary. Balance.

Ziggy Chen delivers a traditional modern option for those interested in balance in their wardrobe. Each piece different, but keeping those values. His work features gentle materials such as linen, cotton and silks. And combining them with his inspirations gives us the designs you see in this post.

The designs appear to be abrasive to the touch but it is the complete opposite. The apparel is soft, but with the illusion of something tougher. Each piece is constructed lightweight because of the atmosphere in Shanghai which is often humid. The material is breathable thanks to the linen and silks used.

Ziggy Chen brings the fashion industry a formidable force of creation.

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