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–   E a s t   L D N   –   N i c c e   C l o t h i n g   –

Morning all.

Here is the brand – Nicce Clothing, a street style brand that is channelling all things East London. The young lifestyle brand was founded in East LDN and has been going strong since their debut back in 2013.

–   M e n s w e a r   –


It’s bold monochrome looks have given the brand a good footing in the London fashion scene. All the kids who like their lifestyle brands will be seen wearing Nicce Clothing. A good pun there, without even having to try! Oh i’m awful, stop it Tom!

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get a startup company off the ground, especially a brand that uses graphic t-shirts to get going, you have to start somewhere. Either you set yourself apart, or you fade into the scene with rival brands. Many brands I’ve seen produce lines that are very heavy on branding, the items become very similar and they seem to stay on the line with their competition.

Nicce Clothing have a brand logo that could be seen with the high end fashion likings such as, Chanel, Versace and Prada.

I adore all things East London, its the area I’m hoping to move back into when I return to LDN in the new year. The brand is located near Shoreditch which is perfect for the young adults prancing around in brands you’ve never heard off.

Nicce Clothing is bold and punchy, the thick lines and fonts used on their attire is very memorable. This brand doesn’t get lost with the other lifestyle brands emerging in London each year.

The brand takes on the inspiration from the music scene that is always changing. Artists such as Ella Eyre & Chvrches have been spotted supporting Nicce.

I also really like the way this brand incorporates mesh fabric into their designs. Usually its a bit standard but how they have constructed the pieces is quite refreshing and edgy. It is very high end designer

–   W o m e n s w e a r   –


The bold waistbands with minimal print work and font, are very high class and sophisticated. If this mesh kimono piece above had Versace printed the waistband, or even their Greek/Roman detailing, you’d pay hundreds. Thankfully it is not that steep price wise and you’d still look just as good wearing this piece from Nicce. It is very smart and like I’ve previously said, perfect for multiple monochrome outfits.

Now with the mention of Nicce Clothing looking very high street couture, the specific way they have branded their pieces reminded me of Versace and specifically their 2012 men’s underwear runway show. [Pictured below] I love Versace, their black and gold palatte, cheekbones, their mesh combinations, underwear, robes and jawlines, sadly though I cannot afford anything.

So if you are like me, struggling to pay rent, lusting over things you cannot have yet, having a brand that is already high street ready, that looks professional and could pass for high end fashion available to you at a good price, is reassuring.

The brand holds a menswear and womenswear section and has a heavy selection of t-shirts online. Lots of different, but branded pieces to work into an outfit. I look forward to getting a piece myself to put onto my Lookbook account.

Thank you for reading, have a good day


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