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Featured this morning, is a jacket I came across via Twitter.

–   I   H A V E   N O T H I N G   T O   H I D E   –

It instantly caught my attention and I had to find out more. A powerful looking image.

What I came across was something truly lovely, I love this jacket and the message behind it.

The creator Jani Richell, has captured what we as society are reluctant too. We live in this contemporary paradise, acceptance and being comfortable in your daily routine is something that is constantly on most of our minds.

So we strive each day to feel safe in our environments and not to feel targeted and less than what we are. We are all human and should have equal rights, we make mistakes, we sometimes hurt and we sometimes love.

This jacket gives an uplifting sense of acceptance to those who are constantly shadowed. The response by her fans show their love with kind words and photos of them wearing the jacket.

Have a scroll through the post to see the jacket. The jacket is unisex and could be worked into multiple styles and outfits. I also love the grunge influenced photography, it fits the mood perfectly with the message the jacket is all about.

–   W h y   I s   Y o u r   J a c k e t   C l e a r ?   –

“Growing up, there was a lot I was ashamed of, things my friends had that my mom couldn’t afford. I grew up living in my cousins basement and never wanted to bring my friends over because I was ashamed. I finally stopped caring what others would think and finally used my childhood struggles as a way to push me to better me and my mothers situation. I wanted to reach out to those who are going through similar experiences and tell them that “you aren’t alone.” You should never have to feel ashamed of who you are, where you come from, or how you look. I feel that if you have nothing to hide, I should be able to see through you. Which is why I wanted my jacket to be transparent.”

This is quoted from the original website, it just explains the reasons behind this creation. [ C l i c k ]

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