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Afternoon readers!

Its so good to finally be back on my blog and writing again, its been too long! I’ve got lots to upload so keep an eye out for what will be posted soon!

I wanted to let everyone know that I’m back at my parents house in the countryside. Yes my time in London was cut a little too short, but I will be back there in a couple of months. It was a hectic year and I’m currently saving and whilst I’m awaiting temp interview jobs to get back to me, will be posting lots. Because well, what is there to do here in the fields!!

Have a read to see what I’ve been getting up too and what is coming up for me.

–   L o o k b o o k   –

My Lookbook account is up already, but nothing is on it. Soon I shall be uploading outfit posts, which I’ve been wanting to do for some time. I’ve gathered hoards of pieces of clothing from different brands to create a monochrome rail of selection. I actually cannot wait to begin this. My mum said she will help me out by taking the photographs, since she is the one with the nice camera. We’re looking into some areas to shoot in, I want a industrial atmosphere since the looks I’m going for are street wear for the city.

The clothes above are a mixture, from Allsaints, Topman, Cos Clothing, H&M, FOH Apparel, Jack Wills and Adidas. I’ll be adding to my clothing rail with some start up brands too and other pieces I find along the way.

So I also treated myself to some new shoes also and a Fedora hat. Finally have one that fits my head, some black suede Chelsea boots and some black sandals (yes I’m aware winter is around the corner, dont give me that look!).

The shoes are from Topman and the hat is from Allsaints.

–   N o s e   P i e r c i n g   –

Apart from this update, I mentioned in a previous post that I’d gotten my nose pierced. I also through that, met my new friend who also blogs, Ashleigh and you can see her blog here, go follow and send her love cause she is just great!

She got her nose pierced and I said I wanted to get it done and well I did. Hoping by the end of October I can return to where I got it done and get my nose ring. Currently it is a little stud.

Check out my friends blog below.

Ashleigh’s Blog –

Ashleigh's Blog

Ashleigh’s Twitter – [CLICK ME]

–   L ‘ O c c i t a n e   –

Next is a gift I received from another friend who knows I adore the store L’Occitane. A French founded, hand, body and fragrance store that does wonders for people with sensitive skin. I will swear by their hand cream, especially since it doesn’t leave that oily residue some hand creams can do.

Another plus is that even a small 30ml tube will go far, I’m still using one I bought sometime in the new year. The one below will probably last me years.

–   S k u l l   T i d y   –

I’ve been thinking too about my future and when I return to London. How I want to work, how I want to live and so on. I want to come back to my room that is just simple and tidy. I’ll admit being a creative type, I have been known to hoard things. My recently collection included like 4 years worth of Waitrose weekend newsletters and their recipe cards.

Thankfully with the current time off I’ve managed to go through them. When I head back to LDN I want to just take the things I actually need, my clothes for my Lookbook, my Chromebook laptop and a few essential pieces. I wont be bringing my entire dvd collection because, who has the time to watch things.

Since I’d moved to London I got a netflix and its been downhill. ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is finished, ‘Rupaul Drag Race’ (this is a must watch) and ‘Pokemon’ have all been watched and I’m lost. Thankfully tho, I’ve found the television series ‘Scream’ which is just as gripping.

On a theme of scary things, this is my new bowl to hold my keys, Oyster card, lighter and so on. I love skulls, and I thought this looked very Alexander McQueen when I saw it in the window in a store in Teddington. And thanks to my friend Aish for picking me one up from the store.

Apart from those updates, that is all that is currently going on. I’ve been asked to blog about some events coming up, which is exciting. One of them includes me in a photoshoot for a brand. But, you’ll have to see when I write about it.

Check out my other sites on my homepage. Thank you for reading!


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