[Artist To Watch] – Frederik Vercruysse – Marble Quarries

–   F r e d e r i k   V e r c r u y s s e   –

This artist from Belgium took a series of photos, capturing a marble quarry.

He ventured to Tuscany to explore the area and photographed his findings. His work captures the open spaces and tranquillity of the quarry. His series is called –

–   T e m p o   P o l v e r o s o   –

The shoot gives you an idea of the area, desolate, empty, pure. I love the faint colours in the shots, the hues of a cloudy blue from the minerals in the water. The scale of greys running through the marble, the unpredictability of the line work in the marble too. Quite an atmospheric place.

Also the complete stillness of the area, you can tell the whole place is nothing. Nothing moves, nothing interrupts what’s there, the whole place is silent. You can imagine the silence as if you are standing there in the photographs. A theme of discord runs through his work too. The flat white stone with these clashing lines running through them. As if the cracks in the stone break the clean silence of the natural structures.

I thought that this would be a great shoot to feature on my blog. The monochrome palette with a slight touch of colour. These are the colours I want to feature on my Lookbook account, very minimal.

Thanks for reading. Images are (c) to Frederik Vercruysse


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