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I wanted to write about a brand that gives all things appreciative to the monochrome styles and dullness of the shades of grey. Lets face it, grey can be a tricky one to work into a look. You have to get yourself a shade of grey that brings out your look, rather than leaving it looking flat and boring.

–   I N A I S C E   –

This brand that uses a monochrome palette. The brand InAisce puts together looks, using layers and textures. With that in mind the brand has some beautiful outfits that showcase their style. Check out the images to have a look at what they are all about.

The cut and construction of each piece, creates these haunting silhouettes… very illustrative!

I love the womenswear pieces above, the shape and form, the lines and the palette. The grey look above for example is very simple and pretty, how the head wrap and jacket is one piece of clothing too is clever.

Not to mention the attention to detail on the fabrics themselves. The clothing seems to sculpt the models perfectly.

There seems to be a natural element to this brand. Crafting would be a better fit than tailored, due to the execution of each piece. The branch was launched by New York based designer Jona. The label, predominately menswear with womenswear sparking is, anti-trend couture. Not following the natural rhythm that the fashion world gives to the buyers and consumers, InAisce is freeform.

The lookbook is entrancing and a mixture of melancholy and segregation. By that I mean, a feeling of uniqueness and individuality. A fashion nomad that drifts through season to season, much like the seasons themselves, always changing at their own pace.

The black and white contrasting looks clashing gorgeous.

The textures are great, from something simple to the elements of ripples.

If you follow my blog, you should know that this brand collaborated with Konstantin Kofta too, a brand I’ve previously written about. The anatomical designer Kofta, designed pieces influenced by spines, bones, hands and industrial textures.

Click on this image below to have a read of my previous post – Konstantin Kofta

The photography in which InAisce captures these constructed garments is a monochrome lovers dream. Their Lookbook takes advantage of the atmosphere around the models. The abandoned industrial aesthetics brings the looks forward. The illusion between the freeform designs against a structured architecture is subtly chaotic.

The nice thing about this brand is that pieces could be incorporated into every day wear. Although very edgy and different, this brand is for the fashion lovers that appreciate aesthetics, design, influences and confidence. Someone who is a fashion nomad.

It is if Jona has managed to select natural elements from various aspects of the timeline. The image above is very pre-civilisation, Neanderthal if you wish. And images above that, capturing a more simpler time, the era of witches, from around 15th-18th century. Lastly elements from a more modern contemporary era. He has taken these fractured parts of the timeline and brought through designs that showcase that.

A remarkable designer, who really has illustrated origins perfectly. The minimal monochrome master Jona.

http://www.inaisce.com <——— Check out his website below to really dive into the brand.

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