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Evening readers, so going through my archived list of things to write about and I wanted to share a menswear brand that I came across. Their début back in 2013 has seen their progression with collaborations with Hype clothing and being sold in stores such as Topman and online retailer ASOS. Let me introduce…

–   N O O S E   &   M O N K E Y   –

N&M are quite an unusual brand as they found a niche in the fashion world that hadn’t been catered for. The menswear brand gives us options with our tailoring. Classic styles with metal tones, something smart and sophisticated. Another plus is the fit of the suits too, with slimmer styles for a more tailored look.

Skulls, Gothic traits, floral print work, velvet fabric, blood red sweetness, Noir black details, cheekbones, tattoos and dark handsome features….


(Might have gone a little off topic)

You are given the option from their choices in print and fabric too. Velvet floral prints allow a more confident and unique gent to push the boundaries and stand out from the crowd. Especially with our current trends, beards, tattoos and bolder styles are more accepted. N&M deliver both a classic and more contemporary style.

The founder Russell Gerrard wanted to give the twenty something gent possible options. His dark Gothic approach to menswear and tailoring is something I really love. I’ve mentioned before my love for dark floral/tropic prints and after finding this brand, immediately fell for his collections. And it wasn’t just the beautiful prints, but the options available alongside too. I also fell for the collaboration between Hype Clothing and Noose & Monkey.

H Y P E   /   N O O S E   &   M O N K E Y

The collection included this Gothic fashion photography that kept you wanting to scroll down the page. The images are very twisted and couture.

London’s fashion scene is the perfect place to wear this brand. The contemporary tailoring design, would fit in with the fierce art scene in London. It is rare to see a vibrant Gothic style, as opposed to the usual black, very Wednesday Adams Gothic.

–   N O O S E   &   M O N K E Y   D E S C R I B E S   T H E M S E L V E S   –

“Noose & Monkey is a story of mistaken identity and disguise. During the Napoleonic wars, the crew of a French naval vessel dressed their pet monkey in an officers uniform. After being shipwrecked off Hartlepool, the monkey was discovered on the beach. The locals, assuming he was a Frenchman and therefore the enemy, hung him in the town square.”

“The brand looks at the truth and the lie, the innocent and guilty, the Noose and the Monkey. Our concept is to focus on the two sides of every story and every man, and to play with twisting those sides.”

This text is taken directly from their website.

It is a great brand that I cannot wait to see what is next released by them. I’m thinking the time I actually attend London Fashion Week, I should be wearing their brand. In fact I will be wearing their brand.

I mean I’ve recently got my nose pierced! And what is that you are saying, when did that happen? I’ll write a post soon.

I think the brand could appear quite controversial. The usual Savile Row traditions have been given a rather abrupt twist. Its great tho’ isn’t it! It is definitely for the confidence and unique customer.

Twisted tailoring at it’s finest!

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Thank you for reading! Have a good evening!!


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