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So I came across this artist who’s inspired fashion collection is of the extraordinary. Konstantin Kofta who’s own label Kofta combines functioning garments and accessories that showcase anatomical design and flair. The surrealism within his work has lead to some creepy, but intriguing designs. Each collection is represented with a theme, the themes link between one another throughout his collection.

–   K O N S T A N T I N   K O F T A   –

Originally from Kiev, the artist created his label under his own name, Kofta. His take on the fashion industry is more couture, the garments that give a twisted reality. The garments are totally wearable and function as they are intended to, however his approach is not the normal fashion industry style. Heavy aspects of surrealism are seen throughout his collections.






I mentioned above a theme of surrealism throughout his work. Anatomical approach consisting of hands, bones, skin into a series of wearable art. Shoes, clutch bags and backpacks are among a varied taste of what his work is like. The designer’s many collections flow between each other in terms of elements. The consistency of anatomical influence glues together his three collections ‘Hug’, ‘Born’ and ‘Roots’.

His work reminds me personally of life, but more so, life that is just starting. The first thing you notice in the work are the pieces of anatomical influence, before colour, design, garment. The spine backpack almost looks like the spine itself is unfolding out of the darkness. Like life forming in the darkness of the womb.






I really like this artists sense of style with his work. When I illustrate myself, I’ve always been captivated by lines and parts of the body, hands and fingers, necks, spines, bones and so on. You can see this in my current illustrations as well as my life drawing prints.

His collection is extraordinary and unique, it is a very dark collection. I really want the Spine bag!

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