[Fashion News] – Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda

Good morning, thought I’d start today with some high fashion. And what better than Dolce & Gabbana.

Thought this song played nicely whilst I looked over the gallery. Gentle touches of gold.

–   Flo Morrissey – Pages Of Gold   –

–   D O L C E   &   G A B B A N A   A L T A   M O D A   –

Check out the Alta Moda couture collection throughout this post. The whole designs are wonderful and the details are lavish. If you fancy reading the original article head here using this link.

I personally love the detail for the gowns, such precision and such delicateness. The whole event could fool you into a rather high class tea function, the parasols and the elegance of each photo. The sort of party I’d love to attend/be invited/ host/ crash?

All the dresses clash against each other, not that it is a negative thing. I like it. I like the merging of all the gowns together, showcasing similair styles, but each with their own twist. It shows signs of discord and at the same time being, very harmonous. Each dress is so different and unique and that is what makes this a great couture collection.

It is such a pretty collection that I wanted to share with my readers. It is designs like this that inspire me to get back into illustrating fashion gowns and couture collections. I love the prints on the fabric too.

I see that there is a hint of fantasy with these photos, something ethereal, and with a hint of magic. The additional detail to the accessories; the large gold hoops, the headpieces and the parasol just complete these pieces.

The photo below could fool me, into believing that these could have been taken at some royal function. The headpiece, gown, fur trims and beautiful hoops give off this archaic Queen illusion.

The use of colour too, it is punchy, to have this bold yellow against these dark hues. It emphasizes the palette and the form, cut and style of the gown. Not to mention the location had me at awe. (Time for a holiday)

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Thank you for reading, check out the link for the original Vogue article, all sources are from there.


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