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Something really nice about enjoying a Sunday and looking into new clothing brands. Up and coming fashion is always a fun read and find too. Sometimes you come across a wonderful find.

I came across Fohapparel sometime ago, following through major networking sites. I decided after getting accepted into Jack Wills, to treat myself to a bomber jacket and on Instagram, was able to purchase a unique and bold choice from Fohapparel. Luckily it was the first picture on my IG news feed, so I instantly opened it up to see that the item pictured was on sale. Followed onto the web store and from around £80 and now down to £18, it was a no brainer.

–   F O H A P P A R E L   –

As far as bomber jackets go, this is really good. I love the overall design, the length and the red detail. This was the one I went for and I absolutely love it. Looking at the jeans too and tempted to get some of the grey ones.

Pairing it with an all black look, I was also quite impressed with my haircut that day too.

A throwback to my birthday and I got soaked on my journey home. Looked good though…haha!

So the brand does some other items too, but I love the Angel decal that they have on various prints. It also comes in another colour variation too.

They are such a cool brand and I look forward to seeing them grow and release new collections.

Also this day too, missing my little Italian friend Liusa who is back in Italy. This was taken a couple weeks before she left.

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