[Artist To Watch] – Gretchen Roehrs Illustration

I do love food and I do love fashion. My two favourite things.

So strolling online for something to blog about and through an online magazine came across this artists work.

‘Made In Shoreditch’ an online magazine blogged about a San Fransico artist who combined both fashion and food to create these intriguing and ingenious illustrations.

Flick through the tasty illustrations to get a mouthful of her work.

Omg Tom, the puns…Stop it.

“Lets talk about food” – Gretchen Roehrs

The illustrations are really delightful and showcase her unique approach to illustration. The cheeky drawings capture my imagination of what these could look like as real pieces of high couture.

I love the simple lines of this collection, throwing in some sassy details too.

Check out her website below and follow her work. She does more styles of illustration as opposed to what is shown above. She is becoming one of my favourites!


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