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Let yourself sink into a tranquil stance.

Hello to my wonderful (patient) readers, I’ve been distant on my blog and I apologise. I hope this morning finds you well and comfortable, maybe with a cup of tea and a cheeky biscuit.

Maybe even two… I actually have none, but I did buy myself a punnet of raspberries for later to blog with.

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Anyway I’ll explain what’s been going on with a little post and by today, will have some new content for the blog too.

Well since my last post I’ve had some jumps and bumps. Good little phrase that, ups and downs! I know I am back on track with things in my life and I’m gunning to get my blog out there some more.

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I spent my last weekend visiting home, overcoming some personal things. Clarity is what I received from the weekend. Sunday the 28th of June will be a date I remember for a long time.

I’ve decided my blog might do a little better with some more punchier blog posts. Short but sweet and to the point. I find it very easy just write volumes.

Let me know your thoughts, if you as the readers viewing my blog like my lengthy posts or would prefer some shorter segments. Maybe I could mix it up with both types of styles?

So, I have been a busy bee, constantly working. Everyone tells me to take a break and rest, but I feel driven and it is nice to have this mojo.

Because of it, doors are opening for me and even tho I’m slightly tired, am thrilled to finally see some visual progress. I’ve been watching my blog grow over two years, as I hit my 2 year anniversary (my longest relationship!!). I’ve come so far, but always room for improvement!

Photo 09-05-2015 09 17 29

I’m also feeling inspired to illustrate again and today will hopefully get some sketching done as well! Might need some more jelly beans.

I’ve got a new job, finally something in the fashion industry. A step forward, so I’ve put down my apron and no longer make coffees. Still no one can make me my drink how I made it! Ahaha!!

Photo 26-05-2015 09 20 38

So new job, doors opening for me because of my blog. Did I mention I’m writing articles again for a company. Before I wrote for Institchu.com (a menswear suit and tailoring company housed in Australia) and now, http://www.MensOfficial.com A start up menswear, online fashion magazine.

I’ve found a great team and they have made me feel welcome. It is nice to write for other people, even at times I’m taking on too much.

With what’s been going on throughout my whole stay in London, I’ve tried to not let it interfere with my future and career opportunities. Sadly it has slipped me up numerous times, but after last weekend, never again.

I also ,back in May, had my birthday. I turned 24 and actually didn’t do anything. I still hope to celebrate it once I’ve got myself financially secure. Money has been horrendously tight with my job transition. So didn’t want to go wild on my birthday, had a feeling it would be inappropriate.

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I’m putting together some outfit style posts, which I know some followers will be happy of. I shall show off my style and how I enjoy fashion. ‘You do you Tom’ – I love that saying.

I’ve also met someone too. We had a nice time together, just us, meeting in Camden. A sort of date, that was really easy going and nice. It went well, we got to know each other better in person which was worth the wait.

I hadn’t been to Camden in years, my previous time there I was 15/16 and dragged there looking like I was 8 years old and it was too much!

Photo 20-06-2015 18 10 52

I’ve now got a good memory of Camden. I also managed to run into Amy Winehouse too.

So a new job, working hard on my career there and my bloggers dream. Met someone, back into illustration, turning 24 too. It’s been a busy, wild couple of months.

I’ve just been swept along with what’s going on and being able to blog again means so much to me personally.

I shall write little individual posts for specific topics I’ve mentioned, plus the rest too. I’ve archived a fair amount of what I want to blog about. I hope your inbox’s are ready!!

I want to leave with this song:

Yuna – Someone Who Can

I adore Yuna, she has been my guilty pleasure for whenever I was not feeling 100%. Her music is gentle and full of purity. She could calm the nastiest of storms.

I’ve spent a long time of my life seeking acceptance and approval, it’s been like that since I can remember. After the weekend just gone I don’t need to think like that.

You keep working hard Tom. Keep on being confident, positive and yourself. You do you Tom.

Many thanks for catching up with me. Now to use this day wisely and blog, blog, blog.


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